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Automatic powder filling and sealing line

Date:2019-09-05 / 人气:528

Product use:
   Applicable to the measurement, filling and sealing of powder materials such as milk powder, rice powder, protein powder, soy milk powder, coffee powder, pepper powder, flavor, flavor and additive. Suitable for all kinds of round cans and shaped cans, reliable quality, easy to operate, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries necessary ideal equipment.

The performance characteristics of

1. The scope of application is wide. As long as the mold is changed, it can be used for quantitative measurement, filling and sealing of circular tank and special-shaped tank of different specifications;

2.PLC control, man-machine interface touch screen operation, high degree of automation, simple operation;

3. Servo motor and servo drive control screw, stable measurement;

4. When the tank enters, it shall be measured, filled and sealed accordingly;

5. During sealing, the process of vacuuming, filling with nitrogen and sealing shall be carried out in the sealing chamber to effectively prevent air from entering the tank twice;

6. High precision digital pressure sensor is used to detect vacuum pressure, and the required vacuum pressure can be set arbitrarily;

7. High pressure vacuum pump is used for vacuum extraction to achieve extremely low vacuum degree;

8. Through function switching, different functions can be realized, such as vacuuming without filling nitrogen, vacuuming without filling nitrogen, etc.

9. The outer cover and main parts are made of 304 stainless steel to meet the hygiene requirements of food and medicine.

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